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The Security Of Any Public Key Cryptosystem Depends On The Private Key Thus, It Is Important That Only An Authorized Person Can Have Access To The Private Key. The Paper Presents A New Algorithm That Protects The Private Key Using The Transposition Cipher Technique. The Performance Of The Proposed Technique Is Evaluated By Applying It In The Random Forest Algorithm’s Generated Private Keys Using 512-bit, 1024-bit, And 2048-bit, Respectively. The Result Shows That The Technique Is Practical And Efficient In Securing Private Keys While In Storage As It Produced High Avalanche Effect. Key Generator Is Part Of The Stream Cipher System That Is Responsible For Generating A Long Random Sequence Of Binary Bits Key That Used In Ciphering And Deciphering Processes In Everyday Life, Image Security Is Important These Days As Data Is Increasing A Lot. These Data Can Be Images, Videos, Text, Audio, Etc. So To Protect These Images From Attackers Who Can Destroy The Image Quality Or Modify The Images, Some Technologies Like AES, DES, RSA, Etc. Have Been Invented. With The Generation, Data Security Has Also Become An Essential Issue. Considering These Issues, The Proposed Technique Ensures Confidentiality, Integrity, And Authentication. Using These Techniques, The Host Can Encrypt And Decrypt The Image ,text ,video ,audio. The Digital Technology Was Completely Different From Today And The Scale Of Challenges Was Smaller, So With Recent Advanced Technology And The Emergence Of New Applications Such As Big Data Applications, In Addition To Applications Running With 64-bit And Many Other Applications Have Become Necessary To Design A New Current Algorithm For Current Requirements. Advanced Encryption Algorithm (AES) Is A Symmetric Algorithm, Which We Will Further And In Addition To New Recommendations For Future Work, A List Of Shortcomings And Vulnerabilities Of The Internal Structure Of The AES Algorithm Will Be Diagnosed.

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