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The Interactive Chess Board Game Is Unlike Games In Its Ordinary Way. This Board Game Together With Tangible Movements Of All Pieces Is Considered To Be Users Attraction. Therefore, The New Chessboard With An Automatic Moving Mechanism For Every Piece Is Chosen. Initially, We Have Designed And Developed An Aluminum Core Structure For Positioning X And Y-axis. Furthermore, A Controllable Magnet Is Deliberated For Holding And Moving An Individual Chess Piece According To Player Manipulations. Purpose Of This Interactive Chess Board Is Applying Technology To Board Game For Excitement, Interest, Amazement, And Attraction. Arduino Microcontroller Is Used For Controlling Every Step Of Piece Movement. The Microcontroller Receives Control Information Through The User Interface And Then Moves The Chess Piece To The Destination On The Board. The Position Calculation Is Brought To Identify The Chess Piece And Drive Accurately The Stepper Motors In X And Y-axis.

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