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Machine Learning, A Branch Of Artificial Intelligence, Can Be Described Simply As Systems That Learn From Data In Order To Make Predictions Or To Act, Autonomously Or Semi-autonomously, In Response To What It Has Learned. Unlike Pre-programmed Solutions Or Business-rules-engines, Machine Learning Can Eliminate The Need For Someone To Continuously Code Or Analyze Data Themselves To Solve A Problem. While There Are A Variety Of Applications Of Machine Learning, And The More Advanced “deep Learning”, Most Have Been Focused On Machine Learning That Trains A Computer To Perform Human-like Tasks, Such As Recognizing Speech, Identifying Images (or Objects And Events Portrayed Therein) And In Making Predictions. In This Paper, We Will Explore The Use Of Machine Learning As An Approach To Helping With Upstream Activities In Data Management Including Classification And Feature Identification, As Well As Discuss Implications For Data Quality, Data Governance And Master Data Management.

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