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Hairstyling Is An Art Of Fashion Transformed Since Ancient Era, With The Influences From Many Diverse Factors. It Has Been A Primary Aspect Of Human Lifestyle And Society In Various Different Ways With The Growth Of Research Fields Like Modeling Human, Visual Searching, Visual Matching, Facial Verification For Security Measures And Etc. Perfect Hairstyle Improves Specially A Woman’s Self-confidence. This Paper Presents A Hairstyle Recommendation System Based On Face Shapes And Suitable Hairstyle With Expert’s Knowledge For The Face Shape Derived From Face Shape Classification Algorithm. Different Noise Types And Lighten, Which Have Given Less Accuracy Of Features Landmark Detection. The Images Whose Values Are Confined To Some Specific Range Of Values Only. For Brighter Image Will Have All Pixels Confined High Values. But A Good Image Will Have Pixels From All Regions Of The Image. Therefore, We Applied Histogram Equalization Improves The Contrast Of The Image. The Median Filter Is Used To Remove The Different Types Of Noises.

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