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Communication Technology Has Completely Occupied All The Areas Of Applications. Last Decade Has However Witnessed A Drastic Evolution In Information And Communication Technology Due To The Introduction Of Social Media Network. Business Growth Is Further Achieved Via These Social Media. Nevertheless, Increase In The Usage Of Online Social Networks (OSN) Such As Face Book, Twitter, Instagrametc Has However Led To The Increase In Privacy And Security Concerns. Third Party Applications Are One Of The Many Reasons For Facebook Attractiveness. Regrettably, The Users Are Unaware Of Detail That A Lot Of Malicious Facebook Applications Provide On Their Profile. The Popularity Of These Third Party Applications Is Such That There Are Almost 20 Million Installations Per Day. But Cyber Criminals Have Appreciated The Popularity Of Third Party Applications And The Possibility Of Using These Apps For Distributing The Malware And Spam. This Paper Proposes A Method To Categorize A Given Application As Malicious Or Safe By Using FRAppE (Facebook’s Rigorous Application Evaluator), Possibly One Of The First Tool For Detecting Malicious Apps On The Facebook. To Develop The FRAppE, The Data Is Gathered From MyPagekeeper Application, A Website That Provides Significant Information About Various Third Party Applications And Their Insight Into Their Behavior.

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