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Eye Blink Detection Using OpenCV Computer Vision

The Basic Nonverbal Interaction That Is Now Evolving In The Upcoming Generation Is Eye Gaze. This Eye Blink System Builds A Bridge For Communication Of People Affected With Disabilities. The Operation Is So Simple That With The Eyes Blinking At The Control Keys That Are Built In The Screen . This Type Of System Can Synthesize Speech, Control His Environment, And Give A Major Development Of Confidence In The Individual . Our Paper Mainly Enforces The Virtual Keyboard That Not Only Has The Built In Phrases But Also Can Provide The Voice Notification/ Speech Assistance For The People Who Are Speech Disabled. To Achieve This We Have Used Our Pc/laptop Camera Which Is Built In And It Recognizes The Face And Parts Of The Face. This Makes The Process Of Detecting The Face Much Easier Than Anything. The Eye Blink Serves As The Alternative For A Mouse Click On The Virtual Interface. As Already Mentioned, Our Ultimate Achievement Is To Provide A Nonverbal Communication And Hence The Physically Disabled People Should Get A Mode Of Communication Along With A Voice Assistant. This Type Of Innovation Is A Golden Fortune For The People Who Lost Their Voice And Affected To Paralytic Disorders. We Have Further Explained With The Respective Flowcharts And With Each Juncture

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