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While Recognizing Any Individual, The Most Important Attribute Is Face. It Serves As An Individual Identity Of Everyone And Therefore Face Recognition Helps In Authenticating Any Person’s Identity Using His Personal Characteristics. The Whole Procedure For Authenticating Any Face Data Is Sub-divided Into Two Phases, In The First Phase, The Face Detection Is Done Quickly Except For Those Cases In Which The Object Is Placed Quite Far, Followed By This The Second Phase Is Initiated In Which The Face Is Recognized As An Individual. Then The Whole Process Is Repeated Thereby Helping In Developing A Face Recognition Model Which Is Considered To Be One Of The Most Extremely Deliberated Biometric Technology. Basically, There Are Two Type Of Techniques That Are Currently Being Followed In Face Recognition Pattern That Is, The Eigenface Method And The Fisherface Method. The Eigenfacemethod Basically Make Use Of The PCA (Principal Component Analysis) To Minimize The Face Dimensional Space Of The Facial Features. The Area Of Concern Of This Paper Is Using The Digital Image Processing To Develop A Face Recognition System.

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