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Abstract—In This Paper, We Propose An Android Based Restaurant Automation System. The Main Aim Of The Project Is To Make The Restaurant Management Easier. Recently In Most Of The Restaurants, The Ordering And Delivery Of Food Items Are Doing Manually, The Disadvantages Are Huge Time Consumption, And In Some Cases The Customers Arent Delivered The Right Item At Right Time These Cause Many Problems. Hence We Thought Of Automating This Procedure Using Modern Electronic Technology. Here The Individual Tables In The Restaurant Are Provided With A Touch Screen, Represent Each Individual Digital Menu, And It Facilitates The Ordering. The Customer Can See All The Available Food Items With Its Cost In The Digital Menu And Can Select The Item. The Order From Each Table Is Received In The Kitchen Wirelessly By Bluetooth. The Electronic Menu System Helps The People To Select The Food From The Rolling Screen Of Android Touch Screen And To See The Cost And Recent Availability Of Food Items, And Showing Table Number Also. By Using A Thermal Printer Taking Bill From The Kitchen And The Hotel Staff Can Read The Items From Each Table. If The Food Is Ready In The Kitchen It Can Be Indicated To Corresponding Customers Table By An LED Glow. Index Terms—Restaurant Automation, Electronic Food Ordering System, Android Based Food Ordering, Touch Technology Based Food Ordering

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