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Resume Screening Is The Process Of Analysing The Resumes Where The Candidates Apply For The Different Types Of Jobs Where The Company Feel The Tedious Job To Find The Appropriate Candidate Due To The Complexity In Resumes Formats Since It Has Different Styles. As A Result, Selecting Applicants For The Appropriate Job Within A Company Is A Difficult Task For Recruiters. We Can Extract The Key Information From The CV Using NLTK, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Techniques To Save Time And Effort. This System Could Work With A Large Number Of Resumes For Classifying The Right Categories Using KNN Algorithm. Furthermore, This System Attempts To Find The Accuracy And Performance Of The Proposed Methodology And Incorporate It In The IT Firms And Other Regulations For The Prevention Of Manual Screening And Establish A Safe Allocation Of Resources For The Companies. As Such Companies Emerge Even For Them Manually Going Through All Of The Resume Of Candidates Is Very Time Consuming And Tedious So These Talent Acquisition Companies Use Various Machine Learning Models To Filter Out Top Resumes According To The Job Roles, Which Reduces The Efforts For The Human Resource Team.

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