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Nowadays, Dependency On Banking In The Virtual World Has Been Increased To The Peak Position. To Make It Consistent Advanced Technologies Should Be Used. As OTP Is Currently Used Worldwide For Security Purposes, It Can Be Overruled By QR Code. Main Advantage Of QR Code Over OTP Data Storage. OTP Can Only Confirm That The User Is Authorised User And Not Some Third Party Is Involved In This Transaction While QR Code Not Only Confirms The Authorised User But QR Code Itself Can Store Information Such As Transaction Id, Transaction Date, Time And Also Amount Of Transaction. So, There Is No Need Of Explicitly Keeping Track Of Transaction Every Transaction. Aim Of This Paper To Enhance The Functionality Of ATM Machine Using Android Application. Proposed System Is Combining The ATM And Mobile Banking And Minimizes The Time Of Withdrawing Cash From ATM. This Will Increase The Speed Of Transaction Almost Three Times Fast; Could Have Excellent Impact On Customer's Satisfaction. With The Help Of QR Code Information Get Encrypted So It Also Increases Security. As The Population Increasing ATM Queues Will Be Longer Day By Day. By Implementing Proposed System Current System Will Not Hampered, By Doing Some Minor Changes In Existing System It Will Be Possible To Get Cash Within Seconds. According To Analyst Report, Cost Of Transaction Using Mobile Application Is Almost Ten Times Less Than ATM And About Fifty Times Less, If Physical Bank Branch Used.

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