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This Paper Reports On The Smart Automated Irrigation System With Disease Detection. The System Design Includes Soil Moisture Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Leaf Wetness Sensors Deployed In Agriculture Field, The Sensed Data From Sensors Will Be Compared With Pre-determined Threshold Values Of Various Soil And Specific Crops. The Deployed Sensors Data Are Fed To The Arduino Uno Processor Which Is Linked To The Data Center Wirelessly Via GSM Module. The Data Received By The Data Center Is Stored To Perform Data Analysis Using Data Mining Technique Such As Markov Model To Detect The Possible Disease For That Condition. Finally, The Analysis Results And Observed Physical Parameters Are Transmitted To Android Smart Phone And Displayed On User Interface. The User Interface In Smart Phone Allows Remote User To Control Irrigation System By Switching, On And Off, The Motor Pump By The Arduino Based On The Commands From The Android Smart Phone.

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