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Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSRS) Is A Significant Portion Of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Being Able To Identify Traffic Signs Accurately And Effectively Can Improve The Driving Safety. Mainly Aims At The Detection And Classification Of Circular Signs. Firstly, An Image Is Preprocessed To Highlight Important Information. Secondly, Hough Transform Is Used For Detecting And Locating Areas. This Paper Brings Forward A Traffic Sign Recognition Technique On The Strength Of Deep Learning, Which Finally, The Detected Road Traffic Signs Are Classified Based On Deep Learning. In This Article, A Traffic Sign Detection And Identification Method On Account Of The Image Processing Is Proposed, Which Is Combined With Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) To Sort Traffic Signs. On Account Of Its High Recognition Rate, CNN Can Be Used To Realize Various Computer Vision Tasks. TensorFlow Is Used To Implement CNN. In The German Data Sets, We Are Able To Identify The Circular Symbol With Best Accuracy.

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