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Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) Is A Software Agent Performing Tasks On Behalf Of An Human Or Individual L Based On Commands Or Questions Which Are Similar To Chat Bots. They Are Also Referred As Intelligent Virtual Assistant Which Interprets Human Speech And Respond Via Synthesized Voices. IPAs And IVAs Finds Their Usage In Various Applications Such As Home Automation, Manage To-do Tasks And Media Playback Through Voice. This Paper Aims To Propose Speech Recognition Systems And Dealing With Creating A Virtual Personal Assistant. The Existing System Serves On The Internet And Is Maintained By The Third Party. This Application Shall Protect Personal Data From Others And Use The Local Database, Speech Recognition And Synthesiser. A Parser Named SURR(Semantic Unification And Reference Resolution) Is Employed To Recognise The Speech. Synthesizer Uses Text To Phoneme. ‘DNN ALGORITHM’ Is Used.

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