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Writing In Air Has Been One Of The Most Fascinating And Challenging Research Areas In Field Of Image Processing And Pattern Recognition In The Recent Years. It Contributes Immensely To The Advancement Of An Automation Process And Can Improve The Interface Between Man And Machine In Numerous Applications. Several Research Works Have Been Focusing On New Techniques And Methods That Would Reduce The Processing Time While Providing Higher Recognition Accuracy. Object Tracking Is Considered As An Important Task Within The Field Of Computer Vision. The Invention Of Faster Computers, Availability Of Inexpensive And Good Quality Video Cameras And Demands Of Automated Video Analysis Has Given Popularity To Object Tracking Techniques. Generally, Video Analysis Procedure Has Three Major Steps: Firstly, Detecting Of The Object, Secondly Tracking Its Movement From Frame To Frame And Lastly Analysing The Behaviour Of That Object. For Object Tracking, Four Different Issues Are Taken Into Account; Selection Of Suitable Object Representation, Feature Selection For Tracking, Object Detection And Object Tracking. In Real World, Object Tracking Algorithms Are The Primarily Part Of Different Applications Such As: Automatic Surveillance, Video Indexing And Vehicle Navigation Etc. The Project Takes Advantage Of This Gap And Focuses On Developing A Motion-to-text Converter That Can Potentially Serve As Software For Intelligent Wearable Devices For Writing From The Air. This Project Is A Reporter Of Occasional Gestures. It Will Use Computer Vision To Trace The Path Of The Finger. The Generated Text Can Also Be Used For Various Purposes, Such As Sending Messages, Emails, Etc. It Will Be A Powerful Means Of Communication For The Deaf. It Is An Effective Communication Method That Reduces Mobile And Laptop Usage By Eliminating The Need To Write

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