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One Of The Major Reasons Behind Car Accidents Is The Drowsy Nature Acquired By A Driver While Driving Any Vehicle. Owing To The Ongoing Scenario, In This Project, We Aim To Develop A Real Time Driver Drowsiness Detection System In Order To Detect The Drivers’ Fatigue Status, Such As Dozing, Flickering Of Eye Lids And Time Span Of Eye Closure Without Having To Equip Their Bodies With Devices. The Objective Of This Project Is To Build A Drowsiness Detection System That Will Detect That A Person’s Eyes Are Closed For A Few Seconds. This System Will Alert The Driver When Drowsiness Is Detected. Apart From CNN, Computer Vision Also Plays A Major Role To Detect The Drowsiness Pattern Of The Driver. Cloud Architecture Has Also Proved To Be Beneficial In Case Of Capturing And Analyzing Real Time Video Streams.

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