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Agriculture Is The Key Point For Survival. For Agriculture, Rainfall Is Most Important. These Days Rainfall Prediction Has Become A Major Problem. Prediction Of Rainfall Gives Awareness To People And Know In Advance About Rainfall To Take Certain Precautions To Protect Their Crop From Rainfall. Many Techniques Came Into Existence To Predict Rainfall. Machine Learning Algorithms Are Mostly Useful In Predicting Rainfall. Some Of The Major Machine Learning Algorithms Are ARIMA Model(Auto-Regressive Integrate D Moving Average), Artificial Neural Network, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine And Self Organizing Map. Two Commonly Used Models Predict Seasonal Rainfall Such As Linear And Non-Linear Models. The First Models Are ARIMA Model. While Using Artificial Neural Network(ANN) Predicting Rainfall Can Be Done Using Back Propagation NN, Cascade NN Or Layer Recurrent Network. Artificial NN Is Same As Biological Neural Networks.

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