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Over The Last Decades, The Incidence Of Skin Cancer, Melanoma And Non-melanoma, Has Increased At A Continuous Rate. In Particular For Melanoma, The Deadliest Type Of Skin Cancer, Early Detection Is Important To Increase Patient Prognosis. Recently, Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) Have Become Viable To Deal With Skin Cancer Detection. In This Work, We Present A Smartphone-based Application To Assist On Skin Cancer Detection. This Application Is Based On A Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Trained On Clinical Images And Patients Demographics, Both Collected From Smartphones. Also, As Skin Cancer Datasets Are Imbalanced, We Present An Approach, Based On The Mutation Operator Of Differential Evolution (DE) Algorithm, To Balance Data.In This Sense, Beyond Provides A flexible Tool To Assist Doctors On Skin Cancer Screening Phase, The Method Obtains Promising Results With A Balanced Accuracy Of 85% And A Recall Of 96%. Index Terms Skin Cancer Detection, Smartphone Application, Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Network.

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